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Radiation, Vaccines, Medical Establishment, and More

Radiation Hazards

Since 2019 I have been warning officials about imminent health problems.  In early 2020 after my letters to all the State Senators and the Governor were unanswered.

I am the voice of hundreds of individuals who have become ill from the massive influx of 4G+ and 5G antenna arrays put up near our schools, along our roads, and even in the neighborhoods where we live. 


Many people began showing flu-like symptoms, nausea, dizziness, and difficulty in breathing when the 4G+ and 5G systems came online.  Only a small portion of the population seems strongly affected, but should they be sacrificed for economic convenience?

My initial military specialty was in communication navigation systems for military aircraft.  I am very familiar with the dangers of Radio Frequency and Microwave Radiation.  The safety precautions we followed decades ago have been thrown to the wind now since Billion dollar profitability has come into play.

Should the health and safety of Nebraska citizens be sacrificed just to ensure large tax revenues from the telecommunication industries?  Their disinformation program is to protect their Trillion Dollar industry.

I am very pro-business but not when it involves destroying the health of the population.

Entrust your safety to the scientists and doctors who are experts on the health hazards of radiation exposure, not the electronics engineers who profit from the Telecommunications Industry.

"Without prompt action,
cancer WILL be the leading cause
of death 
among all age ranges."

Michael Connely April 2020

Basic information on how 5G works and some devastating results of the 5G systems.

US Senator Blumenthal asking if the Telecom industry has done health studies to ensure there are no dangers with 5G.

Vaccine Hazards

Claims Should Be Investigated

Disturbing Information (claims) on the Vaccine


Dr. Rich Richardo Delgado speaking for La Quinto Columna stated that 98-99% of the non liquid mass of the vaccines was graphene oxide.

This data was gathered from more than a dozen different labs.  Additionally Delgado will be working with the University of Almeria on further research.

Graphene Oxide is a nano material which can cause electro-magnetic induction (becomes magnetic) in the body, near where it is injected.  This electro-magnetic induction material has been shown to travel up to the brain.

Graphene toxicity causes blood clots, a collapse in the immune system and a Cytokine storm (immune cell hyperactivity causing massive inflammation throughout the body).

With graphene oxide, a self assembled magnetic nanosystem for cybernetic biocircuitry interface can be made.  Basically this means a self building chip that can interface with your brain.

Graphene has been noted as the next big thing in bioengineering materials for neuro modulation.  Graphene is the thinnest known material that can target and stimulate certain areas of the brain.


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