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Who is Michael Connely

International Educational Administrator



Small Scale Nebraska Rancher/Farmer

USMC  Military Veteran

(Helicopter Electronics, Military Intelligence, Medical Laboratory)

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Below is my resume, but that is the boring stuff.

When I was a kid, I did stupid things just like everyone else.


My youthful choice of stupidity included, jumping off corn quonsets into hay stacks (painful), jumping over our house with a 125 Kawasaki motorcycle (successful), going water skiing when there was still ice on the water (bad idea), and ripping flesh from my shin bone trying to show off how high I could jump, and then sewing it back up. (that stings, and you need pliers as well as a needle and thread).

I have cleaned pigsties and toilets, loaded iron and stacked concrete, detasseled in the cornfields and stacked hay, been a driver, a store clerk, a waiter, a newspaper boy, and a worker on an assembly line.  I have worn most hats.


In the military I have walked through machine gun nests (allies, nearly got tagged by friendly fire during joint military exercises),  been blown down runways (some pilot thinking it was fun to fire up his engine at the wrong time), and have huddled half frozen on the Korean plains during operation Team Spirit.   


I am just an average Nebraskan, originally from Broken Bow.  My family has been in Nebraska for 7 generations.  I know what Nebraska was, and what we have lost.  I want it back.

Special Honors

  • Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award Recipient  (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)

  • Naval Letter of Commendation  (Record-Breaking Academic Performance)

  • USMC Commendation  (Designed Emergency Military Exercise Helicopter Communications)

  • USMC Commendation  (Noteworthy on Military Intelligence Security Inspection)

Military Experience
Helicopter Communications/Navigation
Military Intelligence Security
NBC Disaster Preparation
Military Medical Laboratory
Military Police


 Military Service Eras

Grenada Era

Lebanon Era

Operation Team Spirit

Gulf War Era

 Personal & Professional Studies
Professional Speaking (Brian Tracy)
Human Cell Culturing (Dr. Fox)
Desert Afforestation 
Nutritional Therapies
RF and Microwave Radiation Hazards

Genetic Analysis

Civilian Experience

Educational Administrator  (Japanese School)

US Census State Quality Assurance Director  (Nebraska)

Foreign Advisor (Japanese Ministry of Education)

Mechanical and Electrical Assembly

Residential Construction

Agriculture  (Seed Corn and Livestock)


Civilian Education    (300+ USA Credit Hours)
Political Science


Natural Sciences

Business/Educational Administration (Japan)


Previous Volunteer Activities

  • Red Cross  (Disaster Assessment)

  • Korean Orphanage Project  (Operation Team Spirit)

  • Big Brothers of America

  • Lincoln Literacy Council  (ESL Instructor)


  • Alpha Gamma Sigma Academic Honor Society  (Permanent Member)

  • English Teachers of Japan Expo  (Annual Keynote Speaker)

  • Brian Tracy International  (Professional Speaking Alumni)

  • Veterans of Foreign Wars  (VFW) 

  • American Legion 

  • Other Strongly Conservative Groups

Licenses and Certifications (Current and Former)

  • Military Final Secret Security Clearance 

  • Aviation Communication Navigation Certification

  • Medical Laboratory Certification

  • California State University Tutorial Certification

  • New York Teacher Certification

  • Educational Administration Certification (Foreign)

  • Conceal Carry Weapon Permit

Interests and Hobbies

  • Music:  Piano, Singing, Whistling

  • Hanging out at Book Stores

  • Writing Books and Educational Curriculum

  • Gardening and Planting Trees

  • Raising Small Farm Livestock

  • Research of Biophysics, Genetics and Medicine

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