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Initiative # 6

What Are Initiatives?

An initiative is a citizen-written law that with enough signatures,

can be put on the ballot for us to vote on directly.  If you have not yet done so, volunteer to help get signatures for the initiatives we have.

YOU have the power like a 2nd Legislative House

The following are initiatives which have been submitted to the Secretary of State to date.  The Reviewer of Statutes may make adjustments to these initiatives.

Initiative # 1 

Replacing the Department of Education
The Nebraska Department of Education in its entirety, including the State School Board, State School Commissioner, all elected, hired positions, all programs contracted by the Nebraska Department of Education including proxies shall be replaced with the newly formed Office of Education whose Director shall be appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate, with all the functions, programs, and funds of the former Nebraska Department of Education reaollocated to the newly formed Office of Education.


Initiative  # 2 

Medical Freedom
No individuals, organizations (public or private), employers, institutions, or schools, can coerce a minor contrary to parental approval, or require and adult to receive any type of medical procedure including vaccinations, or any other action which may infringe upon the medial freedom of that individual.  If such an action is mandated, the individual coercing or mandating the medical procedure or vaccine shall be charged with felony endangerment.


Initiative  # 3

Full Access CCW
Any individual who is legally carrying a concealed weapon(s) will be allowed to carry that weapon(s) in every non-Federal location in the State of Nebraska where the public is allowed to go.  if special circumstances do not allow weapons, the carrier can only be asked to leave the area without any legal repercussions.


Initiative  # 4

Election Integrity Judicial Panel
A judicial panel, appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Unicameral is to be created through a constitutional amendment.  This panel's function is to heard all evidence of election or voter fraud, prior to election certification in the state of Nebraska.

Initiative  # 5

Technology Safety in Schools
All Nebraska public educational institutions from preschool through high school levels must discontinue using student wireless devices in the classrooms, with computer use to be limited to instruction on the use of computers as a tool.  This instruction is to occur only in designated computer labs on hardwired devices, with all wireless emitting devices, boosters, and towers to be removed from school property.  As part of this instruction, students must be taught all current technology safe use standards.

Initiative  # 6

Disrespectful Athletes
If an individual athlete or a member of a publicly sponsored team in the state of Nebraska disrespects the US flag during pregame, game time, or in after game ceremonies, that inidividual shall be immediately removed from the game and forfeit the right to represent any Nebraska public teams for a full year.  In addition, if that athlete was a scholarship recipient for athletics, that scholarship shall be forfeited.

Other Initiatives in Consideration

Uninhibited 1st Amendment Rights on all Social Platforms

Ban CRT in Public Schools

Ban CSE in Public Schools

No school funding by hostile countries

Riot Penalties

Nebraska Meat Inspection

NBC and EMF Radiation Safety Panel

No News Services funded by hostile countries

Country of origin meat labeling

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