Initiative # 6

What What Are Initiatives

For those who are unfamiliar, there is something called an initiative. It is basically a citizen-written law. If you get enough signatures on the form (a little under 90,000) then THAT hoped-for law goes onto the ballot for people to vote on directly.

"Restore the Good Life" is a plan to clean up our legislature, end some bad laws, and protect our liberties with some new laws. YOU can help make it happen. This plan has been in play for 2 years, and now you have a chance to help play a part in it.

I have placed many posts on the initiatives on various conservative Facebook sites, and now hundreds and hundreds of people have told me they wish to help bring power directly back to the people of Nebraska.  

You can help too.  Go to the volunteer tab on the menu and register to help with initiatives.  If the tab is not yet functional, visit Facebook groups such as Nebraskans Against Government Overreach or Protect Nebraska Children or Connely 2022 and tell us there that you want to volunteer.

YOU Have the Power! The People of Nebraska ARE the 2nd Legislative House

These Initiatives may be reorganzed as needed.

Initiative # 1

Medical Freedom

Initiative # 2

Conceal Carry Full Access

Initiative # 3

Ban CRT in Public Schools

Initiative # 4

Ban CSE in Public Schools

Initiative # 11

No school funding by hostile countries

Initiative # 12

Riot Penalties

Initiative # 13

Country of origin
meat labeling

Initiative # 14

Nebraska Meat Inspection

Initiative # 5

Ban 1619 in Public Schools

Initiative # 6

Election Judicial Panel

Initiative # 15

Mom and Pop shop
Meat Processing Support

Initiative # 16

NBC and EMF Radiation Safety Panel

Initiative # 7

Establish Office of Education

Public Athlete Respect of US flag 

Initiative # 17

Initiative # 8

Initiative # 18

Initiative # 21

Initiative # 22

Initiative # 23

Initiative # 24

Initiative # 25

Initiative # 26

Initiative # 27

Initiative # 28

Dissolve Dept of Education

Initiative # 9

Uninhibited 1st Amendment Rights on all Social Platforms

Initiative # 10

Initiative # 19

Initiative # 20

Initiative # 29

Initiative # 30

No News Services funded by hostile countries