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Scheduling Michael to Speak at Your School

If anyone wishes to have me speak at their school (students age 13 and up) about these free college opportunities, have your school superintendent, director, or principal contact me directly to schedule a speaking appointment 


When the Left speaks of "Free College" they do not really mean education.  They mean giving free money to young men and women to use as they please during the time that is a formative learning and growing period for young adults.

This giving of free money is designed to leave an impression that the government is there to help you and take care of you.  It is a monetary crutch so that individuals will rely on the government to help take care of any problems.  It is meant as a means of control.  

When I say "Free College" I mean the opportunity to learn at no cost and to have this learning recognized.  There are many different organizations that allow you to learn for free.  Some of them even provide free testing vouchers allowing you to take exams that can be traded in for college credit.  I will be listing these organizations at the bottom of this page.

BUT WAIT...what colleges will accept this free learning as credit?


There are multiple schools that accept many of the free learning classes that will be posted here.  After you click on the links, it will show you which schools will accept that work.  Sometimes a few, sometimes THOUSANDS, even many in Nebraska.

BUT WAIT...there is more good news!

On the November 2022 ballot (yes during the election), expect to see an initiative that calls for the creation of "Nebraska Governor's College".  This is not a massively expensive endeavor as our current education system is currently in Nebraska.  This will be a small office that simply recognizes learning and accomplishments and then grants course equivalent college credit.   

Free College Learning Sites

Hillsdale College is probably the foremost
conservative college in the USA. 

Saylor Academy has an extensive list of courses that are recognized by many colleges. 

Modern States,  after completion of their free courses, will actually give you vouchers to test out of
1 year of college.  THAT IS RIGHT! 
One year of free college

What are you waiting for... begin today!

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