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Help Make Nebraska the FIRST State to Have Honest Elections

First we must make a new group (official political party) to challenge the current secretary of state.  We need 7,200 signatures by July 15 to form the new party which is being made for the sole purpose of challenging the current secretary of state (SOS) so we can finally get rid of all the ways that fraud can occur.  Print out the PDF below on standard sized letter paper, front and back.  Have your friends, family, neighbors etc. sign.  Have a different paper for each county.  The county name must be printed in the blank spot.  When the paper is full, or you cannot continue to get signatures, get your paper notarized (banks do this for free) mail the petition to (Michael Connely, 1302 Road L, York Ne. 68467) by July 11 (Monday) so I can get them and turn them in by July 15 (Friday)

Help me do this, and we can field a candidate to challenge the current SOS and be the first state with a nearly fraud proof election process.  Thank you in advance.


Constitutional Party Petition

2020 Election  2022 Election

Have you seen the movie 2000 Mules, if you have not, you need to go and watch it or order the DVD.  It is definitive proof of massive fraud in our elections.  This covers only ONE small aspect of the fraud involved in the year 2020.

NOW let's take a look at the elections in 2022.  I had several people monitoring the vote counts during the election.  At the beginning of the reporting period, My vote count was at 1,500 and dropped in just a moment to 900.  After that drop, my vote percentage bottomed out, as if it were being siphoned off and added to another tally.  I spoke with one other candidate, and the exact same thing happened with him. 


Some individuals have told me that it was a computer correction.  Seriously.  I cannot believe people are STILL believing that talking point.  Vote counts are positive and linear only and do not fluctuate as an inventory would in CostCo.

Our system CAN be corrected, but ONLY if we can control the Secretary of State Office and cheat proof our elections.  IT can be done but needs IMMEDIATE action requiring 100 or more volunteers who are willing to collect 3 or more signatures every day from now until about July 10.  Are YOU willing to spend a small amount of time to save our state and have Nebraska be the example for the rest of the nation?

You see, we MUST make a new political party to challenge the unopposed current Secretary of State who is NOT fixing the ways where election fraud can occur.  This new party will never be used to split the vote and give an office to a liberal, BUT in cases where we have an apathetic Republican or RINO who is running opposed, we can have an individual run against him, or her.  It takes about 2,400 signatures in each of the 3 Congressional Districts.  July 14 is the last day for me to turn in signatures.  Will YOU help.  If you can contact me at

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