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Help Make Nebraska the FIRST State to Have Honest Elections

Is voting completely honest in Nebraska?

Is voting completely honest in Nebraska?  You tell me!  First let me tell you what individuals from Nebraska, California, and Ohio told me as they were watching the 2022 election results in Nebraska.  This is a quote from multiple individuals in different states who called me on Primary Election Day in 2022.

"I was watching the election results on TV.  In LIVE TIME,  600 votes dropped off your total vote count"

Another candidate running for Governor told me that his friends saw the SAME thing with his vote tally.  He asked not to be named for fear of the repercussions that may follow if he spoke out. 

Vote counts are positive and linear ONLY and do not fluctuate as they do corrections.  There are ONLY corrections if fraud is being committed.

SO, I ask you once again, is voting completely honest in Nebraska? 
If you think voting is not completely honest in the state of Nebraska, assist me, Michael Connely, in finding volunteers to catch felony fraudsters in the act.  We CANNOT just complain after the fact, we need to catch them in the act.  

Nebraska CAN be leading the way in ensuring honest and fair elections. With a commitment to transparency and accuracy.   We can set the example for the of the country to follow. By prioritizing the integrity of the voting process, Nebraska can help to strengthen democracy and protect the rights of all citizens.  Our country needs saved, and it starts with us, with YOU!   Volunteer today. site.

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