The information given during the Senate Investigation was either false or uninformed.  There have been a massive number of independent scientific studies done on 3G, 4G, 4G LTE and 5G dangers.

The extreme radiation dangers of 4G and 4GLTE were not even addressed.  These are the dangers facing Nebraskans right now as you read this.

I have personally met dozens of people who are severely affected by the radiation emitted from 4G and 5G towers.  How many must suffer before action is taken?

1.  Rescind the law that fast tracks 5G distribution throughout Nebraska.

2.  Make an immediate moratorium on  any further cell phone towers or antenna arrays.

3.  Require frequency and signal monitoring stations at every 4G, 4GLTE, and 5G tower to verify that these towers are not exceeding international safety standards (they currently are).  Make said monitoring stations at the nearest public access road, residence, school, hospital, or care facility.

4.  Make a law that fast tracks and simplifies the installation of safe underground high-speed internet fiber optic cables that do not pose the same severe health risks as the cell phone towers.

 (These are what the telecom industries promised to do)

5.  Appoint, using EMF expert scientists and medical professionals,  a Nebraska Communications Commission to determine policies and safety limitations on "Forced" radiation exposure to the citizens of Nebraska.

6.  Bring a legal suit against the FCC for reckless endangerment of the lives of Nebraska citizens.

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Vote for Toxic Landfills to complement the forced radiation exposure

But what about the lost tax revenues from the Telecom industry?  Well, we could replace it with something safer, like a few hundred toxic chemical waste dump sites.

Now the question is this.  Who will take steps to protect the health, safety, and very lives of the citizens they represent, and who will sit and do nothing?

I will be taking and posting radiation levels for the public to see.  Surprisingly, some of the highest levels are directly above our elementary schools!

My Beliefs

I do not request donations nor do I have any financial interests in any agendas that I am pushing.  My concern is for Nebraskans.

Government regulations should be reduced.  Making a business should be simple for new and low budget entrepreneurs.

I am very pro-business, but the health and safety of Nebraskans must never be ignored just to increase our tax revenues. 

We must fight to preserve the rights guaranteed by the US Constitution.  In Nebraska, some of these rights have been partially eroded.  We need them back.

The underlying issues with our prison system, (Club Nebraska).  How many of us would agree to pamper inmates with computer games and other toys.

The guy on the left is me.

I have seen educational standards that humble those of Nebraska.  We should glean from the best systems worldwide.  There is no reason why Nebraska cannot be the national leader in education.




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 The Connely family has been in Nebraska for 7 generations.  I care about what happens here.

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