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Print THIS PDF on standard sized print paper, front and back, using landscape (sideways)  Just getting your family and friends to sign is all we need.  July 15 is the hard turnin deadline.
Only YOU can take back our power.  Volunteer Today!

Do you trust the 2020 elections?  Do you want the SAME person in control who says everything is ok in Nebraska.  We must turn in petitions by July 15 in order to make a new political party that is for ONE purpose only, to challenge the Secretary of State in 2022 so we can REDO elections and make Nebraska THE state for the others to follow as examples.

  • How to Collect Signatures


  • Go to printer and show them the PDFs.  They need to be printed on normal letter papers using landscape (sideways) front and back.

  • Do not offer anything for them to sign.

  • Keep more than 200 feet away from polling locations during voting times.

  • There are spots to write the county on the front.  Make sure you have people tell you which county they are in and only have them sign the one where they are registered to vote.

  • Have the signers fill out all the spaces.

  • When the page is full, or when you stop collecting signatures, get the paper notarized (bank usually works).

  • Mail the notarized papers into me at 1302 Road L, York Nebraska by July 12 before the mail goes out at the latest.  I must turn everything in by July 15.

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Replace State Board of Education
(No more CRT or CSE, and property taxes drop)
Medical Freedom
(No more medical mandates)
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*  Stand Your Ground Law
(Legally protect yourself and others in Nebraska)
Constitutional Carry
(No registration {hit list} or license required for guns)
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Protecting Family.png
Full Access Carry
(Protect loved ones ANYWHERE, even in church)

Michael Connely with his mentor Brian Tracy

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Brian Tracy is an Executive Trainer,
Professional Speaker and author of  80+ books

Do you think the 2020 election was completely fair and honest?  Do you think all the elections in the future will be secure and honest?  If you do not, then you believe as I do that the Secretary of State position is the most important position in our state government. 

Currently that office is uncontested by the  man who says there are NO problems in Nebraska.  If you want to have him replaced, I DO have a way.  You will need to write me for details.  Connely

Help me clean the rot out of Nebraska and make us the example for the rest of America to follow."  

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©2020 by Michael Connely.

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 The Connely family has been in Nebraska for 7 generations.  I care about what happens here.

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