Michael Connely with his mentor Brian Tracy

Michael Connely
These many hats mean NOTHING without taking positive action. What are YOU willing to do to help me make Nebraska the example
for the rest of the country.

Former 2022 Candidate for Nebraska Governor
Educational Director AES Japan (Remote)
Director Desert Oasis Project
President Old School Publishing
Owner Connely Farms
President Old School Services and Supplies


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Brian Tracy is an Executive Trainer,
Professional Speaker and author of  80+ books

Initiatives are citizen written laws
that can be put on the ballot for 
people to vote on directly.

Restore the Good Life Initiatives Listed Below

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Chopping Block.jpg
Replace State Board of Education
(No more CRT or CSE, and property taxes drop)
Medical Freedom
(No more medical mandates)
Covid Vaccine.png
Stand Your Ground.jpg
*  Stand Your Ground Law
(Legally protect yourself and others in Nebraska)
Constitutional Carry
(No registration {hit list} or license required for guns)
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Protecting Family.png
Full Access Carry
(Protect loved ones ANYWHERE, even in church)

Now the most important part, if YOU do not help, these will not happen.  We need ALL hands on deck.
Contact me at Connely2022@gmail.com


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"I am asking for your vote on May 10, 2022 so I can fight the battle more effectively; BUT, it is not just a vote for me that will give us the greatest strength.  I am asking that you vote for all the candidates who are actively fighting against the socialist spread with me. 

These candidates are investigating fraud, they are showing everyone the problems that must be fixed now if we want to regain our eroded freedoms; and they are even in the field collecting signatures to put laws on the November ballot for you to choose directly.

These candidates are everyday ordinary people with flaws and imperfections, but they are willing to lay their lives on the line and fight for you now.  That makes them the cream of the crop, and the very best that Nebraska has to offer.

Go to the website www.voicesofnebraska.com and click on "Meet the Candidates."  Copy or write down those name.  They are the team I have assembled to help me clean the rot out of Nebraska and make us the example for the rest of America to follow."  

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 The Connely family has been in Nebraska for 7 generations.  I care about what happens here.