My background in Biohazard Safety, NBC Warfare Disaster Preparation, Military Intelligence Security, Business, Educational Administration, and Foreign Affairs, gives me a  perspective that would be very useful now in our government.

Brian Tracy, Michael's mentor


Yard Signs

“Having worked as a volunteer on political campaigns, I know where all the yard signs eventually end up. I love nature and the environment and will not be adding to our landfills just for the sake of name recognition.”

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My Pledges to You

I will not request nor accept donations to my campaign.  You will never have to worry about ulterior financial motives.

I will work to reduce government regulations.  Making new businesses

is difficult for entrepreneurs.

I will defend the health and safety of Nebraskans, even if it means taking a stand against powerful corporations.

The guy on the left is me.

I will fight to preserve rights guaranteed by the Constitution regardless of special interest group demands for preferential treatment.

I will work to help solve all the underlying issues with our prison overcrowding including judicial and police policy reforms

I will introduce educational standards that are gleaned from the best systems worldwide.  Let Nebraska be the example for the rest of our nation.

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