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“Excuse me, the F250 pickup truck you are selling to me sounds like it has a 4 cylinder engine under the hood. I think I need to take a peek at it.”

No Sir, you cannot look under the hood; that would negate the warranty.

“What if I want to see if the truck is running right and there is nothing wrong with it?”

In that case, we would need to have a specially certified mechanic check that it is indeed working correctly.

“So I can watch the mechanic check it then right?”

Oh, no Sir. To verify that the certified mechanic has properly checked your engine, we assign one of our special verifiers to watch the mechanic. Intellectual Property Rights must be protected.

“Ok, so if the mechanic does find problems, the verifier can see the problems and then tell me right, so we can fix them?”

Oh no. If the verifier sees that the mechanic has found a mistake, he cannot tell you, he cannot express a negative opinion that would spread doubt about the quality of this awesome truck.

What you JUST read above is not a story of fiction. It is a true story and all you have to do is substitute a few words in there. This is EXACTLY the system we have in place for our Nebraska elections. I .hit you not. Now want to hear the REALLY crazy part!

Both Rex Schroder, who is running for Secretary of State, and Jennifer Hicks, who is running for Attorney General, testified to the Unicameral about this bizarre contract we have with ESS (the election computer company). Jennifer asked that the current Attorney General render an opinion on it, as to the constitutionality of the contract. Did the Senators listening say “Wow, we had no idea that the state

of Nebraska had entered into such a contract?”

Nope, they said that since the people signing the contract were not around to give their opinion, it should be something that is discussed later when they are around to discuss it and defend themselves.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME! Just READ the contract! It is set up the VERY same way that the above F250 truck purchase scenario was set up.

Can you imagine

what would happen if some car salesman tried to pull some shady contract on an average citizen who was buying a truck! They would throw him in the clink. When our STATE officials sign the SAME kind of contract, nothing happens.

I see only three reasons they would not JUMP on this and end it ASAP.

1. They are simply too stupid to understand. 2. They are getting cutbacks and will deny, deny, deny. 3. They know they screwed up, but do not want to look stupid so they are covering each other’s backsides.

I suspect it is primarily #3, with some#1's thrown in, and a possible 1 or 2 people who got cutbacks. But hey, I always try to look for the good in people. As you recall, I did not think that Facebook would stop or slow my messaging features either. OOPS. Maybe sometimes I see good that is NOT there.

If your elected officials screw up, they need to fess up, take the licks, and keep moving on in the battle. You do not try to HIDE your screw-ups and fight to protect what is wrong. You admit your fault, then

fix it.

ANYONE with an IQ higher than 90, can recognize a BS contract when they see it.

Contact your state senators and tell them to END the ESS election machine contract NOW. The primary election is around the corner and we are driving an F250 pickup with a damned 4 cylinder engine under the hood.

Michael Connely 2022 Candidate for Nebraska Governor

P.S. There is a BIG Candidate Forum on March 20, 2022

in York Nebraska where ALL the candidates for Governor, Attorney General, and Secretary of State are invited to show up. It will be broadcast live. As a bonus, right before the Forum, the adjacent room is scheduled to show “Mind Polluters”, a MUST watch film for parents and grandparents.

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