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Fighting the Corona (One small step)

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Fighting Corona Part 1 This information is educational purposes only. I am merely sharing a story about some furry rats.

Before you take any actions which may affect your health and well being, consult with your doctor. If your doctor is unaware of any of the information I share with you, it is time to get a smarter doctor.

Some doctors and medical institutions are saying that people who pick up this nasty virus are dying from a lack of oxygen. It makes sense to take steps to help your body use oxygen more efficiently.

We know how to do this. Some medical institutions have been doing it for decades, boosting oxygen utilization rates for 3 days before any type of surgery. Most medical institutions seem a little slow on the uptake. Let’s look at a scientific study that was done decades ago.

There was a study done to check the relationship of a common vitamin on how it affected oxygen utilization in a living organism.

In this study, 3 groups of laboratory rats were used. The groups were labeled Group A, Group B, and Group C.

Group A rats were given 60mg human equivalent of a vitamin several days before the oxygen experiment took take place.

Group B rats were given a human equivalent of 500mg of vitamin C.

Group C rats were given a human equivalent of 5,000mg of vitamin C.

A human equivalent means that if a rat weighs only 1/200 of normal human weight that it is given 1/200 of a dose of what a human would take.

The rats were put into de-oxygenation chambers. For those of you who are not up on your Chemistry, Nitrogen is pumped into a room and the existing air is slowly bled out. This dilutes the percentage of oxygen present.

Oxygen levels were decreased to 20% of normal. How much oxygen is that? It is like taking a breath and exhaling it, and then waiting 20 seconds before you take your next breath.

Each time you do not hold your breath. You inhale, exhale, and then wait 20 seconds before breathing again. That is about what it feels like to lose 80% of your oxygen.

This was bad news for the rats. The group A rats all died within 2-3 minutes. Group B rats died within 6-7 minutes. They all died of massive organ failure because of a lack of oxygen. This is somewhat like the effects that the Coronavirus has.

The Group C rats were ALL alive at the end of the 8 Hour experiment. They lost 80% of their available oxygen but still survived. Simple ingestion of vitamin C increases the effective utilization of oxygen. I personally take vitamin C with every meal.

Note…vitamin C lessens the effects of some medications. Vitamin C amplifies the effects of other medications. Vitamin C in certain forms also causes stomach stress for some individuals.

Anything dietary changes you make puts stress on your system, so make changes slowly.

Doctors and hospitals in New York, China, and now other areas, are using intravenous (put directly into your blood) vitamin C for the COVID-19 patients with a significant improvement in their condition.

I have unfortunately also read reports that when a hospital in Michigan (very draconian control state) recommended using vitamin C that they were raided by the police for disseminating information not approved by the FDA.

Do not forget to ask for your doctor’s recommendations. if your doctor knows nothing about this, especially now as it is becoming mainstream knowledge, get a smarter doctor.

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