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Congratulations... You Are Immune

Updated: Apr 18

Congratulations You have special powers of immunity that protect you from the massive increase of radiation put out by the new towers and antenna arrays popping up all across Nebraska, OR so the government and telecom industry want you to believe.

I am pro-business and economic development but not when the health and safety of the citizens must be sacrificed in order to gain wealth.

Many years ago, smoking was permitted everywhere. Even in airplanes there was smoking. Because of complaints by non smokers, smoking sections were made in the back of the planes.

Making a smoking section in a plane is somewhat like making a peeing section in a swimming pool. It just keeps spreading out.

Because of the dangers of second hand smoke, smoking eventually became very restricted. Comparing the barrage of radiation that has become progressively worse since 2018, it is probably safer to have smoking everywhere.

I would rather have smoking on all public transportation, in the elementary schools and in the infant section of the hospitals than the 24 hours a day of incessant radiation that we are exposed to, many of us against our will.

I have personally met hundreds of individuals to tell me of severe headaches, ringing in their ears, tingling sensations in the arms and legs, and flu like symptoms that immediately stop when they leave the vicinity of the burgeoning array of cell phone towers and antennas.

Did you know how the original safety standards were set up on a cell phones? Engineers decided how much radiation was ok for an individual to absorb. These standards were established for ONE individual using a cell phone for casual phone conversations of a few times a day.

Now we have rooms full of people using their cell phones continuously for hours on end. Using a cell phone all day exposing yourself to higher levels of radiation is your choice, but expecting others being subjected to the constant radiation that towers omit is negligent endangerment.

If we limit smoking, we should limit radiation exposure as well. The first part is the cell phone towers. Imagine having massive cigars over a hundred feet tall burning 24 hours a day.

How is the invisible danger that over 1,000 scientific papers define any different from the visible danger? Is it because we cannot smell radiation poisoning that it is acceptable?

My family, my friends, and my neighbors are in Nebraska. My family has been in Nebraska for 7 generations and I do not want myself, my family, my friends, and my neighbors damaged physically just so the government can get higher tax revenues from the telecom industry.

Michael Connely, USMC Military Veteran (Communication and Navigation Systems)

Air National Guard Veteran (Medical Lab and Military Police)

Educational Administrator (AES Japan)

Military ASVAB Testing Administrator

Nebraska Farmer

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