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Congratulations... You Are Immune

Congratulations You have special powers of immunity that protect you from the massive increase of radiation put out by the new towers and antenna arrays popping up all across Nebraska, OR so the government and telecom industry want you to believe.

I am pro-business and economic development but not when the health and safety of the citizens must be sacrificed in order to gain wealth.

Many years ago, smoking was permitted everywhere. Even in airplanes there was smoking. Because of complaints they had a smoking section in the back of the planes. Making a smoking section in a plane is somewhat like making a peeing section in a swimming pool. It just keeps spreading out.

Because of the dangers of second hand smoke, smoking eventually became very restricted. I say we bring it back. Everywhere, let people smoke.

Let people smoke in the new infant section of the hospitals. Let them smoke in the elementary schools. Let everyone light up at the same time when riding on public transportation.

Why do I say such an absurd thing? Simple, the smoking is probably less dangerous than the barrage of radiation that surrounds us at all times.

Do you even know the original safety standards set up on a cell phone or perhaps an IPad? If you did, you would be shocked on how we are ignoring those standards.

If we limit smoking, we should limit radiation exposure as well. The first part is the cell phone towers. When compared to smoking is it like having massive cigars over a hundred feet tall burning 24 hours a day.

How is the invisible danger that over 1,000 scientific papers define any different from the visible danger? Is it because we cannot smell radiation poisoning that it is acceptable?

My family, my friends, and my neighbors are in Nebraska. My family has been in Nebraska for 7 generations and I do not want to be forced to leave just so the government can get higher tax revenues from the telecom industry.

Michael Connely, Nebraska State Senate Candidate Educational Administrator - USMC Military Veteran


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